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Daily Dripper

Daily Dripper

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7 sachets in each box
50% Brazil Santa Inacia | 50% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe


At Grao, we recognize the value of time, especially when life keeps us on the move. With countless tasks to tackle each day and only 24 hours, the indulgence of leisurely brewing your daily caffeine fix can elude even the most dedicated coffee aficionado. But fear not, for we have the perfect solution.

Introducing Grao’s Daily Dripper, tailor-made for those chaotic days when schedules seem to sprint ahead of us. Each packet contains a built-in filter and freshly ground coffee, hermetically sealed to ensure maximum freshness. Crafted for your convenience, comfort, and the exceptional taste of specialty coffee. No mess, no gadgets—just the simple addition of hot water, and presto! In seconds, you’ll savor café-quality coffee.


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