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What does ‘Grao’ mean?

“Grao” is a name that resonates with the heart and soul of our coffee brand. Established in 2020, Grão Coffee Company was born out of our deep passion for coffee. The term “grão,” derived from Portuguese and Spanish, translates to “grain” or “seed,” embodying the very essence of our journey. Just as a small seed grows into a magnificent plant, our brand represents the growth of a simple idea into an exceptional coffee experience.

Where do you import your coffee from?

Our green coffee beans come from the specialty coffee farms of world’s best coffee growing regions which include Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. 

How do I brew your coffee?

Our coffees can be brewed from any espresso machines, filter brewers and pour overs.

What’s the difference between your coffees?

We provide a variety of single origin coffees each coming from a different farm and process. They have different flavors, taste and aroma.

How are your coffees roasted?

Our coffee is freshly roasted by professional coffee roasters inside our café. Each coffee is initially roasted at different temperatures at different roast levels. These roasted samples are tested through a cupping process and a specific roast profile is selected for each origin. After which, the coffees are freshly roasted according to the orders received. We also give our customers an opportunity to view the roasting process which is open for all to view at the Grao Roastery.

What’s the best way to store my coffee bags?

Our coffee beans come in a bag with a zipper and a one-way valve. The best place to store coffee is in the bag as the valve keeps the coffee fresh and the zipper makes the bag convenient to use and lock.

Do you add flavoring to your coffee?

Coffee beans are freshly roasted directly from the green bean’s jute bag to the roaster, without the mixture of any flavor or preservatives.

Do you ship out of Karachi?

Yes, we deliver all over Pakistan and our delivery charges start from Rs200.

What is the delivery time?

Once the order is made from our website shop, it takes 2 to 5 working days to deliver the product anywhere in Pakistan.

What is your return policy?

Once the coffee bag’s sealed zipper is opened, refund is not possible.