Grao Coffee Company operates by importing high-quality coffee beans from top farms worldwide. With our in-house roastery, we expertly roast these beans to perfection, ensuring rich flavors and aromas. Our commitment to quality control guarantees that only the finest coffee reaches our customers. We distribute our roasted coffee beans to coffee shops, cafes, and wholesalers, building strong relationships and providing tailored support. Continual improvement is at the core of our business as we stay updated with industry trends to enhance our offerings and deliver an exceptional coffee experience.


We directly source high-quality coffee beans from global farms and producers, emphasizing sustainability and fair trade practices.


Our in-house roastery expertly crafts unique roast profiles to enhance the flavors of each coffee bean variety.

Quality Control

Our dedicated team ensures stringent quality control measures from sourcing to roasting, guaranteeing exceptional beans.

Partnerships and Supply

We establish strategic partnerships, offering customized solutions and reliable supply to coffee shops, cafes, and wholesalers.

Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize customer satisfaction through ongoing support, consultations, and fostering long-term relationships.